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Mouth ulcer  

The most painful complaint of mouth is ‘mouth ulcer’ and it is the most common complaint often left untreated. Mouth ulcer medically known as Apthous ulcer. 

Almost everyone has ulcers in the mouth from time to time. Every human being at least once in their life must suffer by the mouth ulcer.

Up to 1 in 5 people get recurrent mouth ulcers.

The mouth ulcer are very common in school going and middle aged person.
Both men and women affected equally by the apthous ulcer
As the quotes states 

“ you don’t get ulcer from what u eat , you get them from what’s eating you” 😢

Cause :-

  1. The first and foremost cause is STRESS. Any type of mental stress causes the apthous ulcer.
  2. Mouth injury from dental work, hard brushing, sports injury, or accidental bite
  3. Toothpastes
  4. Acidic foods like strawberries, citrus, and pineapples, and other trigger foods like chocolate and coffee
  5. lack of essential vitamins, especially B-12, zinc, folate, and iron
  6. allergies
  7. stress during menstruation
  8. Lack of sleep
  9. Decreased sperm count
  10. Gastric ulcer
  11. Accidental biting of the cheek
  12. Poor oral hygiene
  13. Burns from eating hot food
  14. Oral thrush infection
  15. Herpes simplex viral infection (cold sore)
  16. Reaction to certain medications, such as chemotherapeutic agents
  17. Tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes mellitus and inflammatory bowel disease
  18. Cancer of the lip.

Types :-

The mouth ulcer is generally two types
  • Minor ulcers are around 2-8mm in diameter and usually clear up in 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • Major ulcers are bigger and deeper, often with a raised or irregular border. This type of ulcer can take several weeks to heal and may leave a scar in the mouth.

Symptoms :-

  •  A painful sore or sores inside your mouth, on the tongue, soft palate (the back portion of the roof of your mouth), or inside your cheeks
  • Sores in your mouth that are round, white, or grey in colour, with a red edge or border.
  • Fever
  • Physical sluggishness
  • Painful while eating, moving jaws, drinking, when any objects touches the ulcer.
  • Pain may vary from mild to severe pain.
  • Bad odor in mouth
  • Foul Breathing 
Home Remedies:-

  1. Ghee which heal the ulcer
  2. Curd and milk products will sooth the pain
  3. Green leafy vegetables helps to heal faster
  4. Oil pulling will reduces the pain
  5. Coconut milk will heal the ulcers
  6. Avoid spicy food until the ulcers heal
  7. Avoiding foods that irritate your mouth, including acidic or spicy foods
  8. Avoiding irritation from gum chewing
  9. Brushing with a soft-bristled brush after meals and flossing daily, which will keep your mouth free of foods that might trigger a sore.

Homoeopathy :-

Homeopathy is one of the most popular systems of medicine. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. 

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat diseases of mouth but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.

Recurring oral ulcers can be treated using homeopathy with great success. Depending on the cause behind the ulcers, the treatment has to be targeted. 

Homeopathic treatment is strongly suggested for all cases of recurring and chronic Oral ulcers.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Plantar fasciitis

Now days it is very common in morning on waking with much painful feet. Around 1 in 10 people will develop plantar fasciitis at some time in their life. 

It is most common in people between the ages of 40 to 60 years. However, it can occur at any age. 

It is twice as common in women as it is in men. It is also common in athletes.

Most of the clients complains
Doctor !

“wake up in the morning and with my first steps out of bed, I feel a sharp pain under my heel. After a while the pain becomes more of a dull ache.”

The reason behind this statement is plantar fasciitis.

It is very commonest foot pain experienced by 1000 of Indians every day.

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you.”

As the quotes says, should learn how to combat the pain by homoeopathy.

The plantar fasciitis is nothing but the inflammation of the thick fibrous band tissue connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes.

Interestingly ,

Females are affected more
Overweight person affected much
Pregnant woman
Athletic person affected more
Person who walking more
Wearing high heel shoes

U may experience :-
Pain  anywhere on the underside of your heel, often about 4 cm forward from your heel, and may be tender to touch.

The pain is often worst when you take your first steps on getting up in the morning

After long periods of rest where no weight is placed on your foot.

Sudden stretching of the sole of your foot may make the pain worse - for example, walking up stairs or on tiptoes.

limp because of pain.

Some people have plantar fasciitis in both feet at the same time.

If you don't treat plantar fasciitis, it may become a chronic condition.

You may not be able to keep up your level of activity, and you may develop symptoms of foot, knee, hip and back problems because plantar fasciitis can change the way you walk.

Treatment :-

Many treatment available, but the most reliable and fast cure without any side effects can achieved only through Homeopathy medicines.

Homeopathy medicines heals the inflammation very rapidly and gently.

By a single dose of medicine u may experience pain free walking.

Homeopathy doesn’t produce any side effects like steroids, u may zero percent pain while walking.

By taking homeopathy medicine, u no need to maintain any diet regimen.

Can take plenty of lemonade

Do mild stretching exercise for the instant relief of pain.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Elavenii Homoeo Speciality Clinic, Vellore: LEG CRAMPS

Elavenii Homoeo Speciality Clinic, Vellore: LEG CRAMPS: LEG CRAMPS Leg cramps   at night Legs cramps is also known as “CHARLEY HORSE”.  Females are more affected than males ...



Leg cramps  at night

Legs cramps is also known as “CHARLEY HORSE”. 

Females are more affected than males

Young females are more affected than olden women

8 out of 10 persons are affected by cramps at night.

Legs cramps can also known as “lame leg, wooden leg, timiru, donkey bite, ice leg”

A charley horse is the name given to a cramp or pulled muscle in the leg.  
The strong muscle cramp can sneak up suddenly and last for a few seconds to   
several painful minutes. 

History for the name:-

Lame horse named Charley whose regular work was pulling things around  the baseball park. . . . Charley’s performance was to limp around the grassless surface of the baselines on the diamond dragging a dust-brush. 

This picture was so deeply stamped in the ballplayers’ consciousness that when  a member of the team developed a minor cripplement in the lower extremities due  to a slightly  pulled tendon or muscle bruise, his teammates called him  “Charley Horse” 

Usually people associate leg cramps with the term "charley-horse," which are 
painful sensations of tightness and tension in the muscles of the leg.

The commonest area affected

Calf muscles,  
Nocturnal leg cramps are muscle pains that occur during the night when a 
person  is sleeping, causing sleep disturbances that may ultimately ruin a good 
night's sleep.


  1. Menstruation
  2. Dehydration or inadequate water intake
  3. Decreased level of potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates  in blood
  4. Poor blood circulation
  5. Vitamin deficiency
  6. Varicose vein
  7. Pregnancy
  8. Diabetes
  9. Side effects of some medicine
  10. Improper workout for muscles
  11. Bruise or contusion due to heavy exercise
  12. Thyroid disorder
  13. Hormonal imbalance
  14. Physical overexertion
  15. Physical exertion of cold muscles
  16. Muscle injury
  17. Muscle fatigue
  18. Excessive perspiration
  19. Wearing high-heeled shoes for lengthy periods.

 Preventive measures:-

  1. Take adequate water
  2. Massaging the affected area may helps to relive the cramp
  3. Ice cube fomentation may help to sooth the cramp
  4. Weight control helps you to avoid more physical stress on calf muscles
  5. Avoid too much forceful walking, running or jogging.
  6. Mild stretching exercise for 15 min daily will help u to get rid of cramps
  7. Stretch during the day and before bed. Focus on your calf and foot muscles.
  8. Move around during the day to exercise your feet and legs.
  9. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes.
  10. Sleep under loose covers, especially if you sleep on your back.


Homoeopathy is now a well-known way of treatment for many such diseases known to be incurable. And it is now well reputed to cure Night cramps very quickly and effective without any adverse effect.

The homeopathy medicine cures the root cause of leg cramps very gently and rapidly.

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